Mandate as Rules of Business

"Allocation of Business" of Establishment Division under Rules of Business 1973 (as amended upto October 8, 2020)


  1. Regulation of all matters of general applicability to civil posts in connection with the affairs of the Federation.

(i) Recruitment;

(ia) Promotion;

(ii) Verification of character and antecedents;

(iii) Conduct and discipline; and

(iv) Terms and conditions of service (including re-employment after retirement) other than those falling within the purview of the Finance Division.


  1.  (i) Formation of Occupational Groups.

    (ii) Policy and administration of-

(a) All-Pakistan Unified Grades; and

(b) Office Management Group (Federal Unified Grades).


  1. Policy regarding recruitment to various grades. 
  2. Grant of ex-officio status to non-Secretariat officers.
  3.  (i) Training in Public Administration.

                (ii) Matters relating to-

(a) Pakistan Administrative Staff College, Lahore;

(b) National Institutes of Public Administration Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar;

(c) Pakistan Academy for Rural Development, Peshawar; and

(d) Civil Services Academy, Lahore.


  1. Federal Government functions in regard to the Federal Public Service Commission.
  2.  General service matters, such as-

(i) Casual leave;

(ii) Office hours;

(iii) Liveries of Government servants;

(iv) Policy questions regarding association of Fed. Govt employees;

(v) List of persons debarred from future employment under Government.

  1. Matters relating to-

(i) Central Selection Board;

(ii) Special Selection Board, except the Special Selection Boards constituted in the Divisions relating to selection of officers for posting in Pakistan Missions abroad.

(iii) Selection Committee for Provincial Posts borne on All Pakistan Unified Grades;

(iv) Omitted vide SRO 135(I)/98) dated 3.3.1998.

  1. (i) Career Planning;

  (ii) Instructions for writing and maintenance of Annual Confidential Reports on civil servants;

  (iii) Centralized arrangements in managing original or duplicate Annual Confidential Reports dossiers of officers.

  1. (i) Staff Welfare;

  (ii) Federal Employees Benevolent Fund and Group Insurance Act, 1969.


  1. Service Tribunals Act, 1973.
  2. Administrative Reforms.
  3. Administration of the Civil Servants Act, 1973, and the rules made thereunder.
  4. To act as Management Consultants to the Federal Government and to undertake case studies to solve specific management problems utilizing techniques like PERT, CPM, system analysis, operations research and O&M.
  5. Review of organizations, functions and procedures of the Divisions, attached departments, all other Federal Government offices and departments, autonomous organizations and taken over industries with the objective of improving their efficiency.
  6. Periodical review of staff strength in the Divisions, attached departments and all other Federal Government Offices.
  7. Initiation of proposals for simplification of systems, forms, procedures and methods for efficient and economic execution of Government business, minimizing public inconvenience and evolution of built-in safeguards against corruption.
  8. Training of Government functionaries in techniques like O&M, CPM, PERT, systems analysis and operations research both within the country and abroad.
  9. Promotion of the knowledge and use of O&M concepts, PERT and CPM techniques, systems analysis and operations research within all government offices and organizations.
  10. Idea award scheme.
  11. Pakistan Public Administration Research Centre.
  12. (a) Reorganization of a Division or an attached department or a change in the status of an Attached Department.

  (b) Organization, on a permanent basis of a working unit in a Division other than as a Section.

  1. Determination of the status of Government offices.
  2. & 25. Omitted vide SRO788 (I)/2011 dated 23.08.2011.
  1. Omitted vide SRO 964(I)/2014 dated 29.10.2014.