Q Who notifies the change in office timings?
A Discipline Wing of the Establishment Division is responsible for notifying change in office timings of the Federal Government. Office timings are changed in the Holy month of Ramazan and during unavoidable circumstances, with the approval of the Prime Minister.
Q Who notifies orders for attending office on rotation basis?
A During unavoidable circumstances and upon directions of National Command Operation Centre (NCOC), office attendance on rotation basis is planned and executed by the administration of each Ministry / Division, with the approval of the Secretary or Head of Department. Discipline Wing is not authorized for rotation plan of Ministries / Divisions in the Federal Government.
Q Who is the Competent Authority to issue NOC to a government servant who intends to marry a foreign national?
A Secretary Establishment Division.
Q What procedure is to be adopted by a Government Servant for getting NOC to marry a foreign national?
A Step 1:
A government servant has to fill the prescribed proforma and forward it to the Establishment Division through Secretary / Head of their controlling department along with:-
  1. Three coloured photos of the government servant and the person they intend to marry
  2. Copy of passport of the government servant and the person they intend to marry
  3. Copy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of the government servant
  4. Complete address of goverment servant's permanent residence
Step 2:
Establishment Division shall forward the application to the Ministry of Interior for clearance.
Step 3:
On receipt of clearance by the Ministry of Interior, Discipline Wing issues NOC to the government servant, with the approval of the Secretary Establishment Division.
Q Can a government servant seek ex-post facto approval / NOC for marrying a foreign national?
A No request is entertained for ex-post facto approval. Government servants who marry a foreign national without prior permission are liable to be proceeded against under Government Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules 1973, on account of Misconduct.
Q Who receives Declaration of Assets in the Establishment Division?
A D-4 Section of Discipline Wing keeps record of Declaration of Assets of officers of four service cadres (PAS, PSP, OMG and SG). All officers from these service groups are supposed to send their declaration of assets for each financial year to Section Officer D-4. What type of NOCs are processed in Discipline Wing under Conduct Rules, 1964? Ans. Discipline Wing's Section-II processes requests for NOC from Rule 16 to Rule 22 of Government Servants (Conduct) Rules 1964.
Q What is the procedure for seeking NOC to undertake private trade or work under Rule 16 of Government Servants (Conduct) Rules 1964?
A All cadre administrators are competent to grant permission to officers of the service cadre under their administrative control. The application stating details of employment / private trade they intend to undertake, shall be forwarded by the cadre administrator through Head of Department. In the application, the government servant is required to give an undertaking that their employment / trade will not be inconsistent with their government service; and earning from the private trade / work will be declared in their annual declaration of assets form.
Q Who recognizes service associations of government employees?
A The powers have been delegated to controlling Ministries / Divisions for recognizing service associations of employees of their attached departments and subordinate offices. The particulars of the Associations which are recognized, or which may be recognized, should be sent to Establishment Division along with names of office holders and also information regarding the Headquarters of the Association.
Q Who is the Appellate Authority for a BS-18 officer?
A The Appellate Authority is always above the Authority who passes the penalty order under Government Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules, 1973. If a penalty order was given by the Secretary, the Appellate Authority shall be the Prime Minister. In case the penalty order was given by the Prime Minister, the President shall be the Appellate Authority. Click here for Civil Servants (Appeals) Rules, 1977 
Q What is the procedure for forwarding appeals?
A Appeals are forwarded by the controlling department of the appellant, through proper channel. Click here for Guidelines for submission of appeals/representations
Q What requirements are to be noted while taking action under Government Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules 1973?
A Checklist of Requirements to be noted while taking action