Management Services Wing


The M.S. Wing is headed by the Additional Secretary-I of the Establishment Division who is assisted by seven Director Generals   (BS-20) and one Deputy Secretary (BS-19). There are six consultancy units each headed by a Director General and there is one Pakistan Public Administration Research Center (PPARC) which is also headed by a Director General (BS-20). The overall structure of the Wing is as under:

Consultancy Side


To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of Government organizations and to increase their  productivity to ensure public convenience through consultancy  services and making workable recommendations to the satisfaction of clients and to act as change agents in the public sector to make the organizations responsive to the needs of the public.

To design and restructure public sector organizations keeping pace with new technological developments and changing needs of stakeholders, through demand driven bottom up approach. Innovation, new service features and sound professional advice, by providing its clients with best possible service delivery system in all fields of governance.

Administrative Research Side(PPARC)


To introduce best administrative practices and to provide updated information in the form of manuals and publications and Federal Government census data for improved decision making in the Government.

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